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Zone Culture
Yellow Zone Course

Stop for a moment and think about those days when everything just “clicks” for you. Days when you find yourself at the right place at the right time, doing just the right thing. When people you encounter says “yes” to you, when you find yourself finishing jobs you’ve been avoiding and when you are so consumed with energy, the day just zooms by.
The way you feel on those days is how highly successful people achieve extraordinary success in all areas of life. This way of living is called “being in the Zone”. Once you know how to step into the Zone, you’ll never want to live any other way.
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What you will get from this course

Learn to use all the basic theory and related tools you need to succeed as a Designer.

  • Understanding of how Zone Culture affects outcomes and relationships.
  • Tools to sharpen your mind, get in the Zone and improve your capacity to prioritise what is important when competing urgent issues surface
  • Save time and increase productivity by gaining the clarity to effortlessly tap into creativity and effective problem solving
  • In a calm, rational state, be able to readily make decisions promptly and without angst
  • Be able to reduce feeling stress and pressured by targets and deadlines
  • Work collaboratively together as a team to constantly innovate by learning how to debunk unexamined/limiting stories and judgements that limit the mind and close the heart
  • Know how to feel good, so that you spontaneously be inspired to naturally attract new clients and provide exceptional customer service
  • Re-energise, sleep well and start the day inspired, so that you can perform at your peak
  • Be present with your family – avoid giving them the leftovers of your energy
  • Increase your wellbeing, reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment of life
  • Access to stream the set of 2 Mind Sharpeners (mp3 Zone tools), so that you can experience the joy of being in the Zone at work and at home every day
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